‘Moneyball’ Opens in Theaters

Brad Pitt is starring as team GM Billy Beane in “Moneyball,” which opens in theaters on Friday with Jonah Hill and and Philip Seymour Hoffman also playing in the movie. The film is based on a book by Michael Lewis, “Moneyball : The Art of Winning an Unfair Game,” a real life story of success that takes place in the back office of the Oakland Athletics baseball team. While Brad Pitt is playing the role of a successful GM, Jonah Hill’s character is of a computer wunderkind and Philip Seymour Hoffman is trusted to play the character of team owner Art Howe.

Moneyball MovieCritics are positive the movie could be the first blockbuster in the category of sports movies that usually attract less viewers than planned. The movies is based on a book considered to be a great reading for sports fans and sports managers alike, hinting that the film might be a huge success.

Rachael Horovitz and Michael DeLuca are producers of the film, which is also backed by Tim Brosnan, Executive VP of Business at Major League Baseball.

“Moneyball” is expected to fill a gap in the movie industry after Hollywood is not able to produce watchable and profitable sports-centric movie recently. With Brad Pitt starring as Billy Beane, however, the movie has fair chances to debut more than successfully this weekend.

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