Megan McAllister: Phillip Markoff’s Bride-To-Be

Phillip Markoff known as the Craigslist killer joined his bride-to-be with a huge website announcing their wedding plans and arrangements. Men and women blog across the Internet about events of every nature imaginable. Folks have been known to live tweet the birth of a child. For those questioning Megan McAllister and her website dedicated to her wedding probably need to check around a little before they start making fun of the young medical student.

Several folks have chimed in with their personal thoughts about the various bloggers who are journaling their lives online. The reality is, many people use blogs to keep family updated on the events in the lives of their children and grandchildren when they move away.  The story behind Megan McAllister and her groom-to-be Phillip Markoff ends and it’s not exactly the bliss that most brides dream about.

This morning, Phillip Markoff, was found dead in his jail cell. He was accused of murdering two women but pleaded not guilty. He learned on April 29th that the woman he thought would be his bride was breaking off the relationship. Although the bride called the wedding off, she did say that she felt he was innocent and was a loving and caring person in her eyes. Megan McAllister was steadfast that in the eyes of the law and Constitution, Markoff was innocent until proven guilty.

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