Chicago Park District: Movies in the Park

Chicago Park District

Chicago hasn’t always been characterized as a place of beauty and a calm serene atmosphere. One visit to some of the nicer locations however, will render visitors mesmerized by the beauty of the gorgeous city. Now, in an effort to make Chicago seem even more appealing than it already was, the  “Movies in the Park” events are pushing the beauty of the city forward.

This marked 100 years that the event, Movies in the Park, has taken place in the Chicago Park District and touches  more than 125 neighborhoods. The pay off is the number of communities building together and bonding as a group in a positive manner with the added benefit of a feature film. The action gets underway about dusk and the attendees are treated to a mirage of drama, comedy and action movies offered by the city of Chicago. Make your plans to  take part in the festivities as part of the Chicago Park  District,movie celebration or you’ll be sorry you miss it.

The Movies in the Park series got underway on June 16th and will end on September 10th. Finding the location and movies that interest you are as simple as searching the various sites covering Chicago Lifestyles. The most important things to remember though are to bring your blanket or a chair, or both, some snacks and juice. From there, the city of Chicago will handle the rest for you.

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