US News College Rankings

High School seniors across the nation have spent the last several months narrowing down their choices post-high school. The parents obviously have a say in what’s going on and where the students will attend. More importantly, the students ability to perform well in school and have a college education supplemented ranks high  regarding how specific colleges are chosen. For those doing their best to narrow down the choices, US News & World Report has published the US News College Rankings report for everyone to review.

College Rankings

The report includes large, research-oriented universities, liberal art colleges and of course schools that place a higher priority on undergraduate learning. Although the rankings offer up great information about various universities, it appears that the information is a bit one-dimensional. The top 20 schools in the list in both categories are rank depending on undergraduate academic reputation, graduation and freshman retention. Obviously other factors include faculty resources, student selectivity, financial resources and alumni involvement. The US News College Rankings has added some more realistic information for those students and families prepping to enter college in the near future.

The new rankings take into consideration the best schools for “B” students, rankings of historically black colleges and universities as well as the diversity of the national universities. As a nation, we seem to be climbing out of the financial crisis, everyone is still looking to find the best education for their buck. The rankings have been divided now to include the national universities and liberal colleges based on average cost of attending and of course the needs of the students. The US News College Rankings now give the public a better look at the big picture of the various colleges and universities.

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