Dr. Frank Ryan & Heidi Montag

Celebrities are extremely secretive about how they look so good all the time. Those who take part in various surgeries to help enhance their looks generally don’t talk much about it. That secretive nature filters down to the  physicians who work on the stars. Dr. Frank Ryan who is most well known for as the plastic surgeon for Heidi Montag died in a car accident this morning.

The doctor died after his car fell from a  cliff in Malibu on Monday but the California Highway Patrol refuse to speculate on the reason why the accident might have happened. The physician’s body will undergo an autopsy to see if there are more pieces to this puzzle. Various other sources report that the physician was trapped inside his car and suffered from major head injuries. Dr. Frank Ryan was 50-years-old and made himself famous for working on Montag but also on Vince Neil, Gene Simmons, Adrianne Curry and Lorenzo Lamas.

Although most of the celebrities that were patients of the doctor indicated that they thought he was a clean, non-drinking man who lived a well balanced life, no one can be sure. His manager even told TMZ as much adding that the doctor never did drugs either. According to emergency medical technicians, lifeguards tried to help the doctor initially but he was trapped and the head injuries were catastrophic. Dr. Frank Ryan has tweeted merely minutes prior to his death regarding hiking to the top of the giant sand dune.

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