Egg Recall: Salmonella is Real

Egg Recall

In general, food served in our part of the world undergoes an extraneous process before it ever hits the shelves for retail However, occasionally a batch of foods will slip through that  contain harmful elements. One of the areas that consumers watch carefully is the grade of eggs purchased. It isn’t often that a strain will make it through that’s dangerous but in this case, a massive egg recall has been issued.

Wright Country Eggs out of Iowa initiated the recall of eggs packaged between May 16th and August 113th. The eggs had been marked with various brand names and were actually put on the shelves in eight states. The problem that arises here is when these companies then distribute those eggs in mass quantities to various states across the nation. Obviously this is just a few of the issues that make handling an egg recall difficult.

If you suspect that you may have purchased eggs that fall under this recall, simply look at the end of the egg carton. If you find the  numbers P1413 or P1946  , then further investigation is needed. If either of those numbers appear, then check the next three digits for numbers between 136 and 225.These  are the cartons of eggs involved and they should be destroyed. The CDC believes that salmonella outbreaks in California, Colorado and Minnesota may be a direct result of eggs that should be part of this massive egg recall.

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