Roger Clemens Indicted

In a year where professional athletes continue to find themselves in trouble on and off the field, the last thing anyone, including MLB, needed was to find out that one of the big guys of all time has been indicted for perjury. According to various sources, the indictment will likely change the way fans perceive him all together. This kind of trouble just doesn’t go away overnight and chances are his spectacular career will forever be tainted with this story. The Hall of Fame most likely will not allow someone with the history of Roger Clemens to join the best of the best.

In addition to these already pathetic woes, the costs of a legal battle will be enormous, never mind the fact that he will most likely lose many of his endorsements. One sports law expert indicates that the most difficult part of a case like this is to actually prove that he intended to lie and that is generally a difficult matter to prove. For the most part, other legal analyst have noted that while these charges of perjury and obstruction of Congress are definitely not becoming of a seven-time Cy Young Award winner, Roger Clemens will most likely be more upset by the investigations into his private life than anything.

Basically when the former Cy Young winner was asked under oath about his use of illegal performance enhancing drugs, he indicated that he had not taken part of these activities. However, Brian McNamee, one of the pitchers former trainers, indicated that he personally injected the player with steroids and human growth hormone. Andy Petite also indicated that he was told first hand by the pitcher than he had used the various substances. The only rebuttle that Roger Clemons has offered up is that others must have “misheard or been mistaken”.


  1. william pabon says:

    rodger clemon has done nothing wrong leave the man alone we all make mistakes in life who perfect ?

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