Selana Gomez and Demi Lovato

Back in February, Demi Lovato was a guest a Walt Disney World for an elite group of families who were there to honor the volunteers who work at Disney. Demi and Joe Jonas performed a private concert for the crowd and to say it was a success would be a mild understatement. Now, Selenda Gomez is attempting to join the Demi Lovato bandwagon and apparently Demi isn’t too happy about it.

The Disney Channel star has a new album coming out later but reports indicate that Demi was part of recording some of these tracks. At the premier for the “Camp Roc 2: The Final Jam”, Demi indicated tat she had no worked with the Wizards of Waverly Place on the album but added that the options were obviously open for such a partnership in the future. Selena Gomez’s new album also touts rumors of Katy Perry, Miley Cyrus but no one is willing to verify that either.

The popularity of this upcoming star has grown exponentially among young Hollywood celebrities. Gomez has already experienced a plethora of success with her first album and she is ready now to see if this second one can top the first. The new album is “A Day Without Rain” and has ten songs with rumors of a lot of big name starts joining in on the tracks. The fact that Selena has been come into fame via Disney may very well be a great way for her to continue her rise to the top.


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