Jay Mariotti: Trouble Follows Him

In all reality, sports journalist may have somehow managed to outgrow the pants there were intended to fill. The last thing anyone wants to hear on a broadcast say is inflammatory remarks regarding players, colleagues and coaches. But, when it happens, the same columnist have to figure out a way to deal with the repercussions. Jay Mariotti is a well known veteran sports writer but currently he appears to be without a job.

The way the story begins, it seems that when he writes, his choices of folks to pick on happen to be 400 pound linebackers. Instead, the more news that comes out about the this possible career ending incident makes the guy look worse than before. At least if he were taking on a 400 pound linebacker we would think he was just an idiot. Now, it appears that Jay Mariotti is not just an idiot but he is in jail after assaulting his girlfriend last night.

No one is real clear when and where this sportswriter who formally wrote for Fanhouse.com and Around the Horn, decided that it was ok to be abusive to anyone. One possibly os he has been hanging out watching a few UFC fights. Arguing is not really anything new for Mariotti as he had a run in with his former manager Ozzie Guillen once as well. As for all the folks who chose to support Guillen on that one, now maybe a second look might render a different opinion.

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