Lady Gaga to Meet President Obama Over Bullying

Lady Gaga is to meet U.S. President Barack Obama to share her concerns over cyberbullying and ask for help to stop it. The pop-star is to attend an Obama fundraiser scheduled for next week on the West Coast. Lady Gaga has been extremely upset by the suicide death of a 14-year-old New York boy who had complained in an online video he has been bullied over his sexuality.

Lady Gaga President Obama

Lady Gaga went on to say she is going to meet the President and will not stop fighting until an end is put to this. She used her Twitter account to urge her 13.7 million followers to support her in this effort.

Jamey Rodemeyer from Williamsville, N.Y. shared in his blog he has been bullied for years over his sexuality while his parents revealed he was doing better after he went back to high school a few weeks ago. Police authorities look for ways to file criminal charges against those who bullied Jamey, probably charging them with harassment or aggravated harassment. The state of New York does not have anti-bullying legislation.

Lady Gaga hopes to help some 13 million students affected by bullying, which Obama described as not being “just a harmless rite of passage or an inevitable part of growing up.”

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