Jacoby Ellsbury Saves Red Sox Season

Jacoby Ellsbury managed to hit his third homer in the 14th inning of the nightcap to give Red Sox a 7-4 win over the New York Yankees on Sunday and gave them a one game lead in the doubleheader. After the game, Ellsbury commented that his teammates managed to put themselves in a good position, while Red Sox manager Terry Francona added it was a really big win for the team.

Jacoby Ellsbury

The Red Sox did not play their best, making three errors that could have cost them dear on Sunday. They lost an opportunity to advance the runner in the 10th inning with a sacrifice, for example. After the second inning, however, the Red Sox allowed their opponents to make only two hits with second baseman Dustin Pedroia making a spectacular grab in the 13th inning. Pedroia said he is amazed of the way his teammates are playing after so many pundits have written the Red Sox off.

For the third time this season, Yankees manager Joe Girardi entered the field to dispute a call and was kick out. Overall, Red Sox grabbed a deserved victory after demonstrating strong desire to win the game and never gave up during the game.

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