Nancy Grace’s “DWTS” Wardrobe Malfunction

If you missed last night’s Dancing With the Stars episode Nancy Grace showed the audience a little more than they wanted to see. Nancy Grace however went to say she did not experience a wardrobe malfunction during Monday night Dancing with the Stars TV show, flashing the audience of the show. She told journalist she did not have a wardrobe malfunction, while being on the stage of Season 13 of the dancing contest. According to the 53-year-old, there was a little tinny movement, which was not a wardrobe malfunction.

Nancy Grace Wardrobe DWTS

Later, host Tom Bergeron commented that episodes showing the wardrobe malfunction could be broadcast in Europe but not in the United States. In the U.S. version the camera showed audience’s reactions instead on focusing on her performance.

Grace insists that this is impossible to happen because her wardrobe is made of “industrial-strength bras, gaffer tape.” She scored 21 points, performing a quickstep with her partner Tristan MacManus on Monday.

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