Rihanna’s Risque Music Video Shoot

Alan Graham, an Irish farmer, denied Rhianna access to his grain field after the singer started to undress, shooting a movie video to her song “We Found Love.” The filming took place in Bangor, County Down, where the grain field owner granted her access to his property without even knowing who she is.

Rihanna Video Shoot

Graham was surprised to see the singer in close to topless scenes, wearing a flannel shirt, a red bikini top and jeans. Sources said she eventually went topless, which shocked the Irish farmer and he decided to stop what he called “state of undress that is inappropriate.” He added he and Rhianna reached a mutual agreement to cancel the filming in a property that belongs to a father of four. They shook hands, according to him.

Rhianna is expected to perform in Belfast during the weekend and visit Dublin afterward.

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