Rhabdomyolysis: Albert Haynesworth Ailment

Weeks have gone by with the NFL players, coaches and fans wondering what was happening to Albert Haynesworth. He was complaining of migraine headaches but day after day of headaches seemed to be a bit much. He hit the practice field only to land himself in a hospital instead of a practice facility. The news coming from the NFL now is that Haynesworth most likely suffers from Rhabdomyolysis.

The terminology certainly doesn’t just roll off your tongue and the doctors who have been treating Haynesworth agree that it is rare. Normally the disease causes extensive muscle breakdown and heat and intense physical exertion seems to intensify the problems. Just like the common migraine, the symptoms include dizziness, nausea, vomiting and muscle swelling. Haynesworth has received care from a team of physicians who believe that Rhabdomyolysis is the problem.

Coach Shanahan was upset by the fact that Haynesworth was continuously missing practice. Shanahan supposedly only allowed Haynesworth to play in the second half last week in Baltimore because he had missed practice. Once news started to trickle out, Haynesworth was obviously upset by the allegations that he was simply skipping out on practices. Now that the diagnosis of Rhabomyolysis has been made, Haynesworth’s future is uncertain.

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