ESPN Pulls Hank Williams Jr Monday Night Football Song

Sports channel ESPN decided to cancel Hank Williams Jr.’s theme song “All My Rowdy Friends” from broadcasting after the channel’s “Monday Night Football” show has started with the song for some 20 years. ESPN’s decision to suspend the theme song came following controversial comments by the country singer who compared Barack Obama to Hitler in a recent TV show. The channel issued a statement saying that Williams is closely linked to the company despite not being an ESPN employee thus his comments affect the company’s public image.

Hank Williams Jr Monday Night Football

The singer went on to say that Barack Obama playing golf with House Speaker John Boehner over the summer is comparable to Hitler playing golf with Israel’s Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, calling Obama and Vice President Biden “the enemy.” Williams Jr. is a known Republican while ESPN follows corporate policy of political neutrality.

Later, Williams told journalists that the whole affair is misunderstanding because he only meant to say that when high-ranked officials play golf during the weekends it looks like nobody cares about hundreds of thousands jobless Americans. “Something has to change. The policies have to change,” Williams added.

Veteran political reporters commented that ESPN overreacted to an honest personal opinion that may not sound politically correct but was not intended to be offensive.

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