‘Arrested Development’ is Back!

“Arrested Development,” the popular TV show is set for comeback both on TV screens and as a movie, the creators and cast of the TV series said at the New Yorker film festival. Ten new TV episodes will be broadcast on TV while the screenplay is halfway done series creator Mitchell Hurwitz told journalists in New York. The cult TV show ran successfully between 2003 and 2006 but was canceled due to critics it contains too much vulgarity. The cast reunion promises new entertaining episodes on which the movie is to be based.

Arrested Development

According to Hurwitz, the future of the project depends also on business people and studios because the creators and cast do not own all rights to the show, whose eventual episodes will focus on where everyone of the characters have been for five years. Each episode will feature the story of one main character, he said.

The 10 episodes and the featured “Arrested Development” movie are expected for a release in early 2013. The TV show features unforgettable characters like the love-crossed cousins, the never-nude son-in-law, the criminal father and the drunkest, meanest mother in television history, all of them members of the Bluth family.

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