Tupac (2Pac) Sex Tape – PHOTOS

A sex tape showing rapper Tupac making oral sex hit the headlines after the 1991-video was demonstrated before a group of journalists yesterday. The short video is shot in a living room during a house party and shows Tupac and an unidentified woman making oral sex, listening to an unreleased song of the singer. It is unclear whether the tape continues or this is the entire record.

Tupac Sex Tape

The rapper’s family announced the tape will never be released in public, which issued a statement saying that they will sue anyone who is trying to cash on the movie or distribute it. Tupac’s family said they will file with a court if whoever and whenever makes an attempt to sell or distribute any tape of Tupac.

Afeni Shakur, Tupac’s mother, already mobilized the family’s legal team to fight any attempt to put out the tape that evidently exists. Tupac’s relatives believe someone who is on the tape is trying to marketing the video and are trying to identify all individuals involved.

This is the next in an endless series of provocative video tapes involving celebrities, which are shot and distributed by people close to the victims. Usually, a court can impose ban on the public distribution of such materials that harm someone’s public image.

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