Wall Street Protests Continue

Wall Street protests that began with a few dozen demonstrators three weeks ago in New York evolved in an organized protest involving union members and college students united under the slogan “Occupy Wall Street.” Protesters plan to move to Washington to showcase their political views that are aimed at liquidating economic inequality. In fact, protesters took part in “Occupy DC” as part of a growing movement against a corporate-run world where no protection is offered to the poor.

Wall Street Protests

Online fliers urging people to gather in New York and Washington to protest against economic inequality read “Stop the Machine! Create a New World,” while organizers ask protesters to act in a non-violent manner at Wall Street and other locations where the protests take place. The unofficial headquarters of the protest organizers is at Zuccotti Park where people gathered on Wednesday to peacefully show their anger.

Most of the protesters blame Wall Street for the growing number of jobless Americans and increasing economic inequality that widens the gap between rich and poor. Hundreds of college students in New York and Boston joined the protests, demonstrating their solidarity to a cause that condemns corporate control of government, asking questions about the growing costs of their higher education.

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