Former Teen Idol David Cassidy Sues Sony

Pop star David Cassidy, 61, filed a lawsuit against Sony with Los Angeles County Superior Court, asking to be compensated for years-long usage of his image on merchandise from the popular U.S. TV show, “The Partridge Family.” He starred in the TV show and has received some $5,000 for merchandise, claiming Sony owe him millions of dollars to be determined at trial. According to his claim, the company has not shared his rightful share of the profits for nearly 40 years and Cassidy decided to turn to a court to get what he believes is his rightful share.

David Cassidy

Sony Pictures Entertainment, and subsidiaries Screen Gems Inc. and CPT Holdings Inc., which allegedly committed fraud and breach of contract will be defendants in the trial. He is supposed to receive 15 percent share of net merchandising revenues for the use of his image, voice or likeness, under a contract with Screen Gems, sealed in 1971. His attorneys Kenneth Linzer, Rachael Shinoskie and Elisha Weiner claim he was the popular teen idol of his time surpassing even Elvis Presley and The Beattles in terms of popularity. The show was broadcast between 1970 and 1974, and profited from worldwide merchandise of board games, magazines, coloring books, paperbacks, posters, pillow cases, and music sales among others.

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