X-Factor Host Storms Off

“X Factor” host Steve Jones did not actually walked off during an interview on “Piers Morgan Tonight” but requested Piers to ask him a really provocative question that will help him justify his anger and walk off the show. No actual fight occurred between the two TV celebrities, which is not surprising in the light that Steve and Piers know each other for years and have hosted various talk shows during the years.
X Factor Host

Evidently, the Welshman who now hosts the U.S. version of the “X Factor” is a good friend of Piers and asked Morgan to do him a favor by fueling rumors that can boost TV ratings of both TV shows. The offensive questions reportedly included questions on Steve’s private life, specifically his close affairs with Halle Berry and Pamela Anderson.

The majority of the U.S. TV audience failed to be misguided and Twitter users posted numerous comments this is just a bad joke to help increase the unsatisfactory ratings of the show Steve Jones is hosting in the U.S. Nevertheless, the rumor provoked media hype that can help the Welshman to increase the popularity of his American project.

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