Philippines Standoff Ends in Death

More and more often disgruntled employees are taking broad scale action. Action that in turn hurts not the people who turned them away but pain at the general public, anyone in earshot, eyeshot or even in the path of a bullet. This is thought to be the case in the situation on a tourist bus in Manila right now. An armed policeman who just learned that he lost his job and his method of supporting his family, took drastic action in a Philippines standoff.

The officer took a tourist bus full of passengers hostage. The passengers were on the bus under the gunman’s control for most of the day. Finally, police commandos were able to penetrate into the bus. However, it appears that at least four in the Philippines were killed and another critically wounded.

Once the police teams were able to get inside the bus, video footage was released of several passengers crawling out of the bus to safety, The reported gunman was a man that was shown slumped and lifeless near the front of the bus. The thoughts are that the driver of the bus who had been handcuffed managed to get out unharmed. Within minutes of the driver’s escape and reporting the story, authorities in the Philippines were able to take control of the situation.

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