Children Join Wall Street Protests

College students, young professionals, and union members joined “Occupy Wall Street” protesters in New York City and Washington D.C. The protest is unofficially headquartered in Zuccotti Park in NYC, near Wall Street, and protest organizers stage rallies and marches across major U.S. cities against a “corporate led U.S. government.” Protesters clashed with police on several occasions but the protest is largely a peaceful one.

Children Wall Street Protests

New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg blamed protests for hampering tourism business in the metro are while he agreed protesters have valid grounds for raising some complaints related to the 2008 Wall Street bailout. The state of New York secures 13 percent of overall tax contributions from Wall Street-based financial companies, thus disrupting the day-to-day Wall Street business activities affects badly the tax income of the city.

Protesters tried to enter the National Air and Space Museum with security guards preventing demonstrators from storming the building by using pepper sprays. The crowd dispersed after a woman has been arrested outside the museum building.

A growing number of young people join the demonstrations, which now have spread nationwide with protest taking place at big cities at the West coast as well. Protest organizers take advantage of social media to reach younger people, using social networks like Facebook and Twitter to urge students and teenagers to join the marches against the rich.

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