Harold Dow Cause of Death

Harold Dow Cause of Death

While the world of journalism mourns the loss of one CBS’s finest correspondents, his family seeks answers. The journalist’s death was never considered to be a matter of foul play, however, every one knows that without some form of closure, death is nearly impossible to cope with. Harold Dow cause of death seems to be asthma related.

Dow was hospitalized earlier in the month over a severe asthma attack. He suffered from adult-onset asthma and carried an inhaler with him. Most believe that he suffered an attack while driving. The Harold Dow cause of death won’t be official until a autopsy report is complete but the  pieces of the puzzle start to fit together.

Hopefully the family can relish in the good times including those that he chose to share with CBS. He ad been an anchor with the CBS show “48 Hours” since 1990 and with CBS for a total of 38 years. When the journalist was found, an inhaler was lying near him in the car which leads everyone to the same conclusion. It appears that the Harold Dow cause of death was definitely asthma related.

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