Jack Osbourne a Father To Be!

Jack Osbourne, son of the legendary rock singer Ozzy Ousbourne, is to be a father for first time soon only a month after he engaged his girlfriend Lisa Stelly. The couple said they will have a child while Ousbourne revealed he is a bit nervous about parenthood he has no experience with. The reality TV star who is also a filmmaker said he is excited by the prospect to be a father but is little nervous.

Jack Osbourne Father

Ozzy Osbourne enjoys the company of four four grandchildren said he is shocked but amazed with the news while his wife Sharon went on to say that he is happy because his son Jack is happy. She added that she always wanted to be a grandmother, thus a dream of hers happened in reality. Jack’s sister Kelly tweeted that she is so happy she cannot comment on the news that Lisa is going to be mother of her niece or nephew.

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