‘Charlie’s Angels’: Minka Kelly, Rachael Taylor Kiss (PHOTO)

Minka Kelly and Rachael Taylor, co-starring in the Drew Barrymore-produced TV sequel of “Charlie’s Angels,” have been caught by paparazzi in a hot hug-and-kiss in Miami. Hollywood reporters comment the TV series badly needs publicity boost to overcome poor ratings and negative reviews, therefore the show’s producers and image makers decided to hit the headlines with some hot girl-on-girl action. The ABC show suffers from poor TV rating while commentators did not welcome the revived version of the popular movie.

Minka Kelly Kiss

Rumors are that Minka Kelly and Rachael Taylor were caught shooting a scene for “Charlie’s Angels,” not demonstrating a passionate love affair. However, no official statement is available to explain what really happened on the beach in Miami. Kelly recently parted with Derek Jeter and Kelly’s rivals are glad to spread rumors she is lesbian, which is not very likely, showbiz insiders said. Most experts believe the kiss was part of a well organized PR event, which viewers will be able to watch later on TV.

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