RIM Announces New BlackBerry Operating System

Mike Lazaridis, CEO of Research in Motion (RIM), the company behind the highly popular BlackBerry smartphones and tablets, unveiled a new operating system called BBX. The new OS combines features found in current BlackBerry smartphones with the QNX operating system that runs on RIM’s tablets, while experts cannot find any major difference between the BBX and the QNX operating systems.

New Blackberry OS

It is unclear when the new BBX phones are to be released, thus independent developers and users cannot test the new product after RIM declined to display a prototype version. Lazaridis also avoided to comment on shortcomings related to the company’s PlayBook that is not equipped to send and receive email if not linked to a BlackBerry phone.

The company also unveiled a new set of tools for developers aimed to allow software developers move applications that were originally designed to run under Google’s Android operating system to RIM’s new operating system. Such a move is aimed at encouraging developers to create and move applications to BlackBerry’s operating system with the company realizing that rival Android-based and Apple devices are able to run close to a half million software applications.

Software developers who gathered at RIM’s developer conference in San Francisco commented that the company failed to present a truly conceptual operating system and its reluctance to reveal further details on the BBX OS signal company’s unpreparedness to demonstrate a truly innovative product.

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