Harold Camping Says The World Ends Today?

The world is going to end on October 21, 2011, really, Harold Camping announced on his website after his doomsday prediction failed to realize in May. The Family Radio evangelist claims today is the final end of everything following the “spiritual” end of the world that occurred on May 21 this year. In a similar fashion, he predicted earthquakes that appeared to be in the form of “man-quakes” for the man is made of dirt, according to the book of Genesis.

Harold Camping Says The World Ends Today?

In May, Camping provoked as much media hype as he could but this time he choose to be more discreet and do not appear in the media spotlight. His daughter explained in an email they would not be speaking to the media, while Camping is not returning calls to Family Radio.

Camping claims the doomsday is going to happen quietly, which means that if nothing noticeable, like the end of the world, happens today he still has a backdoor to declare that something on spiritual level has occurred that can be depicted as the doomsday. It is a common tactics used by modern messiahs who regularly predict the end of the world is coming or make prophecies related to a “spiritual” end of the days.

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