Miss Philippines 2010 Answer

Political leaders are considered well spoken and can adjust a direct question with an answer by averting the topic all together. These answers leave the person who asked the question trying to remember what they actually asked. One of the favorites going into the Miss Universe contest was Venus Raj from the Philippines. However, she placed fourth and many have cited Miss Philippines 2010 answer is too vague thus pushing herself away from the crown.

All of this surely seems much like a rerun to use our favorite television terminology. The entire parade of beautiful women is indeed a popular event, from the tiny tots all the way to Miss Universe. Somewhere along the lines, the ability to speak in public and choose a political view were added to the fun. Many deem Miss Philippines 2010 answer as evasive and politically correct without actually addressing the question at all.

At least one former beauty queen has already walked down this interview runway. Venus Rag was asked to tell about a mistake she has made and how she corrected that mistake. According to Miss Universe officials, her answer was vague and basically just a politically correct answer with no substance. The question referencing a past mistake now has a great reply, Miss Philippines 2010 answer becomes the launching pad for bad examples.

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