Casey Anthony Jurors’ Names Made Public

Judge Belvin Perry released the names of the Casey Anthony jurors on Tuesday but none of them was wiling or available to comment on their “not guilty” verdict. The jurors have found Anthony is not guilty in in the death of her 2-year-old daughter, Caylee, and since then Casey Anthony’s whereabouts is unknown.

Casey Anthony Jurors

Both Anthony and the jurors were threatened by angry Americans who consider the jurors decided to release a guilty woman, forcing the defendant and jurors to avoid media attention and appear in public. On Tuesday, journalists were unable to talk to any of the jurors on the list released by judge Belvin Perry. Most of the jurors told media they do not want to talk to reporters.

Anthony was released after a controversial trial that lasted some three year, with prosecutors accusing her in the murder of her daughter Caylee in June 2008. Casey Anthony is on probation on check fraud charge in Florida.

Following her release, jury foreman, David W. Angelo, told journalists that the jury decided to let Anthony go because prosecutors were unable to explain what is the cause of death of Caylee, with all the evidence being based on speculations.

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