Greg Camarillo and the Miami Dolphins

The Dolphins are busy working out their troubles at training camp. The NFL levied a fine on Chad Ochocinco for Tweeting during a game against Cincinnati and then today, Tweets went out from Ricky Williams account during practice. In the meantime, talk of injuries, coaches, play books, trades, rookies, veterans and more continues as planned. For Greg Camarillo, the talk involves mostly a trade, he hasn’t regained the speed he had prior to a ACL tear in 2008.

The rumors have been flowing about whether he would make the 53-man roster. This morning, the Dolphins organization put a stop to the rumors by finalizing a deal with the Vikings. The Dolphins will get cornerback Benny Sapp in the deal. By sending Greg Camarillo to the Vikings, Patrick Turner appears to be the number four wide receiver for the Dolphins.

This trade basically puts Turner in the number 4 slot and leaves Marion Moore, Roberto Wallace and Julies Pruitt to battle it out for the fifth wide receiver place. At one point, no one was sure that Patrick Turner would even make the 53-man roster either. This move means that the Dolphins very well may be putting a lot of pressure on the guy to perform in these last 2 preseason games. However, the move of Greg Camarillo to the Vikings sure makes the Dolphins look mighty confident in the host of players they already have to choose from.

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