Amy Winehouse Cause of Death Revealed

British-born singer Amy Winehouse died from a very large quantity of alcohol, according to Suzanne Greenway, coroner at London’s St. Pancras Coroner’s Office and Court. Greenway said Winehouse had passed away by “death by misadventure,” following toxicology tests made in London. The 27-year-old singer had problems with alcohol and drugs in the past, and had consumed enormous quantity of alcohol (416 mg per decilitre of blood), which evidently caused her death.

Amy Winehouse Death

Amy’s family expressed their relief that doctors have found the cause of her demise, saying in a statement they really sorry she failed to win her battle with alcohol. The singer managed to stop drinking but started again in the days preceding her death, the statement reads.

Family members said that they wish to thank all the people who expressed their support since Amy died, as well as to thank people who continue to support efforts of the Amy Winehouse Foundation.

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