Kim Kardashian Divorce

Reality TV star Kim Kardashian filed for divorce with Kris Humphies, her husband for only 72 days, finding out from media reports his wide is divorcing him. Rumors about the split have leaked to media last week and Kardashian confirmed the news saying there are irreconcilable differences between her and the New Jersey Nets basketball star. Later, the TV celebrity issued a statement in which she admits it was not an easy decision but she carefully considered her options before to file for divorce. She went on to say that she and Kris will remain friends and sometimes things can go either way, ruining plans of married couples.

Kim Kardashian Divorce

The wedding ceremony in August cost an estimated $10 million, while the Kardashian clan earned reportedly $17 million from the broadcast of the wedding and other merchandising related to the wedding of Kim and Kris. The two were dating only for six months before they announced their wedding, thus veteran Hollywood reporters were not quite surprised to see them split within a very short period.

This is Kim’s second divorce after she parted with music producer Damon Thomas in the early 2000′s when she was only 19-year-old. Her first marriage lasted for four years. Kris Humphries has never been married before.

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