Google Voice: Technology On The Move

Google Voice

Technology appears to be out-running even its own parameters. On Wednesday, one of the biggest email features was released with Google voice added to gmail. The number one priority for the service appears to be the ability to acquire users from Skype. Google Voice was launched as a by-product of Gmail and should be received well by the users.

The concept is out of this world, Yahoo tried in years ago and it fizzled, Skype seems to have quite a mastery of the skills needed for verbal and written communications so it was only natural to expect Google to jump in the pool. Right now the service is limited to residents in the United States but all calls in the U.S and Canada will be free for now. By the end of the year, these calls may no longer be free. Google Voice allows the users to make International calls start at 2 cents per minute now though.

The pieces of the puzzle that seem to be missing right now are the ability to integrate well across the board with Add-Ons. Moreover, considering the fact that Google has tried to work with Apple before and stalled, that has to be on top of the priority list for iPhone users. The good news surrounds the HTML5-based web app but still Apple and Google are resisting any opportunities to work together. This continuous battle between could easily slow the popularity of the Google Voice technology though.

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