Model Vanessa Hessler Defends Gadhafis

Vanessa Hessler, the 23-year-old model that is an advertising face for German company Telefonica Germany, has been fired the telecommunications firm for defending former Libyan leader Moammar Gadhafi and his son Muatassim. She had a passionate relationship with Muatassim who had been killed by Libya’s rebel forces alongside Colonel Gadhafi in October this year. Alice, a subsidiary of Telefonica Germany is to cancel its contract with the Italian-American model, according to company spokesman Albert Fetsch. All advertising material featuring Hessler’s face will be removed, he added.

Vanessa Hessler Gaddafi

Earlier, she revealed she had a love affair with Muatassim Gahafi for years, defending him and his family. According to her, the Gadhafi family are normal people that are depicted as cold blooded creatures by their enemies.

Talitha van Zon, a former girlfriend of Muatassim Gadhafi, was evacuated to Malta where she told journalists her love affair with Muatassim did not affect her relationship with the killed Libyan leader’s son. She went on to say that she has been Muatassim’s friend for seven years and they remained friends even after their three-month affair.

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