Jessica Simpson Wedding Delayed Due To Pregnancy

Singer Jessica Simpson and her fiance Eric Johnson officially announced their wedding will be postponed due to Jessica being pregnant. The couple had a dinner with their future in-laws in the Coppola’s East restaurant in New York City.

Jessica Simpson Wedding

A source close to the couple said that the two feel excited although they have never planned to have a baby, nevertheless they considered their weeding options. They are still undecided what type of wedding they want but the ceremony is to be postponed because the couple want to enjoy their time in a very special period of their life, the source added.

Friends of Simpson and Johnson said they are both family oriented, thus having a child is something they both wanted. The couple did not set a new date for their wedding ceremony, fueling rumors that there could not be a wedding at all. Many celebrity couples enjoy happy family life without being officially married, veteran celebrity reporters commented.

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