Asteroid To Narrowly Miss Earth

An 1,300-feet wide asteroid is to miss Earth by meager 201,700 miles, coming closer to our planet than the Moon, NASA scientists announced. The asteroid, named 2005 YU55, will be tracked by a radar located in California and there is no chance for the space object to hit the planet, scientists added.

Asteroid Earth

The rock coming from the space is set to approach the Earth at 0.85 the distance of the Moon on Tuesday, which is the closest approach by an asteroid to the Earth in the past two centuries. Nevertheless, the rock is going to pass by and continue its space travel without causing any harm to the planet. An asteroid of this size is able to wipe out a city of the size of New York or London, NASA experts said. The object is moving at speed of around 30,500 miles per hour and would detonate like a 4,000-megaton H-bomb would it hit the Earth.

According to computer models made by scientists, there is no chance for 2005 YU55 to collide with the Earth in the next century, while scholars claim it has been visiting the planet for many centuries. Spectators will not be able to see the asteroid without a telescope or powerful binoculars, and it will be visible from the Northern Hemisphere only.

The YU55 is a type C asteroid supposedly made of carbon-based materials and silicate rock, but now scientists will have a rare chance to study its composition and structure, taking a closer look at the past of our universe when many of these space rocks were created.

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