Joe Paterno Fired from Penn State

The Penn State university board of trustees announced that Joe Paterno, the most successful football coach in the history of major college football, had been fired amid allegations of a child sex-abuse by a former assistant coach. Graham B. Spanier, the Penn State president also resigned in the midst of a growing scandal.

Joe Paterno Fired

The 84-year-old Paterno was laid-off after the former coach Jerry Sandusky was accused of a child-sex abuse who was involved in such practices for years. “Let me think it through,” Paterno told journalists outside his home, adding that he is not the football coach anymore after heading Penn State’s football team for 46 years.

Thousands of Penn State students flooded the streets, shouting slogans that they want Joe back and asking for one more game. Later, the crowds of students clashed with police at Beaver Avenue.

Allegedly, Jerry Sandusky has molested eight boys in 15 years while Paterno failed or did not want to stop him, critics said. Former graduate assistant and current assistant coach Mike McQueary, the athletic director, Tim Curley, and the vice president, Gary Schultz, were also involved in a 2002 case when McQueary spotted Sandusky molesting a young boy in the Penn State sports center showers. Schultz notified Spanier but all officials who were aware of the incident did not notify the authorities.
Paterno led his team to record 409 victories in college football, managed to win two national championships and guided five teams to unbeaten, untied seasons.

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