The Barclays 2010: Tiger’s Day Tainted by Furyk

Yesterday when the leaderboard for this weekends non-major golf tournament read “Tiger Woods”, the media took the opportunity to insure everyone knew why. Tiger was the first golfer teeing off this morning so he was obviously the leader. Now, after his first full round is complete, Tiger still has a part of the lead with a 5-under par in the first round. The Barclays 2010 could very well be the tournament that turns the tide for Tiger.

However, the tournament commissioner disqualified Jim Furyk when he didn’t make it to the Pro-Am on time. Various golfers have created a stir including Phil Mickelson who says the rule is just unfair. While Phil thinks it is unfair because it only affects half the field, Tiger had little to say other than “it’s the rules, I guess”. If Tiger can reign supreme at the Barclays 2010, maybe the ugly mark on Furyk’s resume won’t matter too much.

While Tiger has been busy on the course tying Ryan Palmer, Josh Teater and Brian Gay, Jim Furyk should be purchasing an alarm clock. The disqualification could have huge implications for Furyk since he is currently third in the FedEx Cup standings. The reason he cited for being late to the course was his cell phone battery died and that was what he used for an alarm clock. As much as I hate to have to discuss this whole Furyk issue at the Barclays 2010, hopefully we won’t have to listen to more questions regarding Tiger and his divorce.

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