Shania Twain’s Stalker Denied Bail

Ontario judge Richard Schneider denied bail to Giovanni (John) Palumbo, 51, the doctor who stalked singer Shania Twain, and he is to spend his time in jail, waiting for the next court hearing on November 15. In September, Palumbo admitted that he committed criminal harassment by watching and besetting, while the prosecutors asked for a psychiatric evaluation before sentencing. The prosecutors want to further clarify the state of his health.

Shania Twain Stalker

In the courtroom, Palumbo admitted he had sent countless love letters and flowers to Shania Twain, while trying to see her at her Ontario cottage in the process. Nevertheless, Gary Barnes, his defense lawyer, has asked the court to sentence his client to time served in prison, highlighting that Palumbo is behind bars since last March when he was arrested following a breach of an order to stay away from the country singer.

According to Palumbo, he never expected his letters to reach Twain and never lost hope that he and the singer would make a great couple. He promised not to bother her again, trying to persuade Schneider that he is a trustworthy man. Palumbo attacked his prosecutors for focusing on less tasteful part of criminal harassment, stalking, while he never intended to cause any harm to Shania Twain.

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