Ashton Kutcher Tweet on Joe Paterno

Ashton Kutcher, the new Two and a Half Men star, apologized for his Twitter message in support of fired Penn State football coach Joe Paterno, saying that from now on his team at Katalyst media will manage his Twitter account. The husband of actress Demi Moore said he got lost in the story surrounding the lay-off of legendary coach Joe Paterno, who led his team to historic number of victories in major college football. An assistant to Paterno, allegedly committed child-abuse in the past, which was not reported by Penn State top executives to authorities.

Ashton Kutcher Tweet

Kutcher’s Twitter account has over 8 million followers, with other celebrities enjoying even larger number of online fans who follow their all and every word submitted via Twitter. Therefore, celebrities should be more responsible when the matter in hand is a subject they are not completely familiar with, and have to avoid commenting on current news and topics, including events in which they are involved, publicity experts said.

Originally, Ashton Kutcher reacted angrily to the fact that the Penn State board of trustees fired Joe Paterno and joined thousands of students who went to the streets to protest against the decision of the university authorities. Later, Kutcher realized that he lacks background information on the whole story and issued an apology, becoming one of many celebrities who used their Twitter accounts to post comments on controversial news only to face angry reactions from their fans.

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