Kate Gosselin Reports For Work At Coupon Cabin

Former reality TV star Kate Gosselin has started a new job as a blogger for an online coupon site, where she is going to contribute regular blog posts on money-saving topics. She is also expected to provide shopping tips to readers of the site, specializing in online coupon code offers. The website offers coupons from both small and large retailers, while Gosselin is expected to provide valuable advice to interested shoppers who want to save money on various purchases.

Kate Gosselin Coupon Cabin

Kate Gosselin is to write once a week from the comfort of her home, after her contract with TLC had expired. According to her new employers, the former reality TV star will be writing on money-saving topics that will be prepared with the help of an account team on-site. Gosselin is considered an expert in the field as she has been taking advantage of coupons her entire life, according to a statement by the site. Her first blog will provide advice how to struck great deals during the shopping days before Christmas.

Gosselin expressed her satisfaction with the new job by sharing with her Twitter followers coupons and saving excites her, adding that she loves her new position. God knows what her first blog would read like without the help of professional writers at the site, veteran celebrity reporters commented.

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