Kindle Fire Could Challenge iPad 2

A number of market analysts forecast the new Amazon Kindle Fire tablet is to sell up to five million units by end-2011, outselling iPad 2 during the shopping spree surrounding Christmas. Some 12 percent of customers polled by electronic shopping guide Retrevo consider purchasing Kindle Fire compared to only 10 percent who would buy the the recently released iPad 2. Among the owners of tablet PCs, 27 percent of those polled claim their next tablet would Kindle Fire, with only 20 percent stating they would prefer the Apple’s tablet.

Kindel Fire iPad 2

A great advantage of Kindle Fire is its low price, set at $199, which, combined with aging iPad2, could boost Kindle sales in the next months. Apple are not expected to release a third version of the iPad before 2012, while Kindle Fire offers high productivity at affordable price.

To be fair, some experts have predicted that other tablets would outsell the iPad in the past; however, this predictions failed to materialize. On the other hand, Android-based devices gain strength and start to compete on equal terms with iOS 5-based devices produced by Apple.

More conservative market analysts tend to be cautious when asked whether one or another tablet is able to outsell the iPad, and a more moderate estimates are that Kindle Fire can challenge Apple’s tablets but the competition will be fierce. Other manufacturers also aim to grab market share from the iPad, and this is a more realistic scenario, where a few excellent devices by different manufacturers are gaining market share in a market currently dominated by the iPad.

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