Angry Muslims say: ‘Don’t call NYPD’

Muslim community in the city of New York, one of the largest nationwide, is increasingly worried by tactics used by the New York Police Department, advising community members to avoid contacting law enforcement officers and seek a professional advice from a lawyer before speaking with authorities.

Muslim Terror

A recent report showed that the NYPD is dispatching undercover officers in the Muslim communities, trying to keep a good eye on them even without any evidence of unlawful activity or suspected terrorist plots. Such practices angered Muslim community members, with the police reportedly taking photos of restaurants visited by Muslims and investigating hundreds of mosques. The NYPD created ethnic databases to follow the daily life in Muslim neighborhoods, according to the report.

Muslim leaders reacted by starting an open campaign, aimed at educating people how to identify police informants. The program urges community members not to contact the police directly and reminds them that they have the right to change their mind if they are already communicating or working with law enforcement agencies.

Two opposing views on the issue were expressed by government officials and Muslim community members. A number of government officials took a firm stance toward the program launched by Muslim leaders, insisting that such an non-cooperative approach only justifies spy tactics used by police. On the contrary, many Muslims are convinced this is the only method to protect themselves and their families from being forcefully involved in secret police operations that target terrorists. Muslim leaders claim that their approach toward the police tactics has valid grounds in light of the fact that the Central Intelligence Agency co-authored many of these programs.

A recent City University of New York Law School brochure disseminated among Muslim community members informs that police informants often use aggressive tactics in their work or show up as very generous people, trying to contact potential victims or members of certain organizations. Such an individual could be a police informant or not but involving the police is not recommended in either scenario, according to the brochure. The police would not react if the person is informant, otherwise the unintentional consequences could be destructive, the brochure reads.

Recently, members of the Muslim community in NYC announced plans to stage a demonstration next week, while others asked for creation of an independent commission to scrutinize NYPD and CIA operations in the Muslim community.

Hopefully everyone including Muslims will cooperate with the police or FBI agents to stop potential terror plots or this proves that Muslim communities do have something to hide and something needs to be done to protect not only the United States but North America.

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