Herman Cain’s Interview Disaster

Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain had failed to clarify whether he supported President Barack Obama’s policy on Libya in an interview with Milwaukee Journal Sentinel journalists that was later posted on the newspaper’s website. Later, Cain revealed that he paused during the interview to make sure he did not say something incorrect complaining that all and every of his words is under scrutiny in this presidential campaign. J.D. Gordon, Cain’s spokesman, issued a statement saying that Cain responded this way due to a lack of sleep, with Cain having only four hours of sleep before the start of the interview.

Hermain Cain Interview

The question that caused so much trouble was simple enough, whether Cain supported Obama’s decision to provide support and back Libyan rebels in their efforts to remove Colonel Moammar Gadhafi form power. Cain quickly answered that he disagreed with Obama and was ready to point out at the reasons why he is not backing Obama in this particular decision. Suddenly, Cain awakened, admitting that he is about to answer a different question, fidgeting in his chair and crossing his legs, before making a long pause during the interview.

Journalists compared his gaffe to Rick Perry’s statements during a recent debate when the Texas governor announced he is ready to immediately close three government agencies if he makes all the way to the White House and then managed to cite only two of them; namely, the departments of Commerce and Education.

Meanwhile, his wife, Gloria Cain, stood firmly by her husband in a TV interview, saying that she never believed Cain had sexually harassed at least four women during his term as head of the National Restaurant Association in the 1990s. Herman Cain also denies any allegations in sexual harassment.

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