Facebook Hit By Massive Spam Attack

Facebook users experienced troubles caused by a massive spam attack, flooding the social networking site with links, images, and videos depicting pornographic acts and naked celebrities. The site confirmed that a coordinated spam attack took place on Wednesday, which exploited a vulnerability in popular web browsers running on virtually all types of operating systems. Facebook experts managed to identify those who organized the spam attack but a spokesman for the company declined to name the identities of those involved in the attack.

Facebook Spam Attack

Hacktivist group Anonymous threatened to close the social networking site a couple of weeks ago but the take down never occurred. The attack, however, was organized in coordinated fashion that only a group of hackers can perform successfully. Alarmingly, Facebook spokespersons did not name which browsers are affected by the malicious script but evidently the code is able to run on different computers running various browser versions and operating systems.

The California-based company revealed that attackers used malicious JavaScript that resulted in Facebook users unintentionally sharing the offensive content provided by the hackers. Facebook released special instructions how users can protect themselves, while closing down numerous malicious pages and accounts that help distributing unwanted content.

According to the company, the goal of the attack was no identity theft and no accounts have been compromised during the spam attack.

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