Bank of America Online

Friday payday means a lot to many working men and women nation wide. We have learned to just take for granted the many intricacies that technology affords us concerning when and how we receive our actual money. Direct deposit, ATM cards and debit cards are not a luxury for anyone really, those services are expected. Today when Bank of America online services were down, people were getting anxious.

Bank of America Online

Apparently the online efficiency simply was down for about four hours today for what’s being deemed a “temporary system” issue. Many small financial institutes and banks pride themselves on the efficiency and ease of banking. Naturally when the nation’s largest bank had issues, many many people were seeking answers. The Bank of America Online representative declined to comment regarding whether this was a nation-wide outage or not.

One location indicated that the online services were restored after 5 PM EST this afternoon but had been out since shortly after noon. Customers were consistently trying to log into their accounts thus the ability to find the problems were made more difficult. According to the bank officials, Bank of America online customers were unable to use approximately 18000 ATMs.

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