George Clooney Contemplated Suicide After Injury

George Clooney considered suicide in 2005 when he was seriously injured during the shooting of “Syriana”. He attempted a stunt, which resulted in a spinal injury that was extremely painful, forcing the actor to contemplate suicide, Clooney told journalists. Awful headaches lasting for about three weeks complicated his health status but the actor was never serious about taking his own life, he said. Clooney, started to drink heavily to reduce the pain despite that doctors do not suggest mixing painkillers and alcohol.

George Clooney Suicide

The 50-year-old winner of Oscar is now in good health, starring in “The Descendants,” a dram that was officially released on November 16. According to him, the movie should be nominated for best picture because it is a very good film, really.

In fact, the actor flirted with the journalists who interviewed him and apparently never seriously considered a suicide but only was afraid of the pain and headache attacks he suffered for several weeks. He underwent surgery and now his spinal trauma is gone, which is a big relief.

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