Google Music Launching

Search engine giant Google launched its Google Music service that combines an integrated MP3 store, social media service, and cloud storage service, challenging Apple’s and Amazon’s cloud-based music services. Google’s service was in beta version for some six months, and during that period the company managed to seal deals with all major labels, excluding Warner and Merlin. The service features free wireless storage that is accessible through various devices running Google’s Android operating system.

Google Music

Google also offers some free music via its cloud-based service, allowing users to sync they play lists between Android-powered devices and the music store. The whole process relies on an application called Music app, free software found on Android Market.

The new service allows users to take advantage of free storage space, where they are able to upload up to 20,000 songs that are on their personal play lists. The Google Music app runs on Android smarphones and personal computers, enabling users to sync content between devices.

It is to be seen whether Google Music is equipped to compete on equal terms with Apple and Amazon for the love of music fans across the world, but the search engine behemoth can apparently offer a valuable service to a rapidly growing Android community. Apple and Amazon will not watch calmly how Google grabs market share in a lucrative niche, however, and market analysts expect the two companies to strike back soon, one way or another.

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