Stephen Hawking Say It’s Time to Leave Earth

Human race should bet on exploration outer space and relocate there at some point in the future, or disappear, physicist Stephen Hawking said. Our species is set to spread into space, he said in a rare interview, adding that mankind is destined to inhabit the outer space if it is able to avoid “disaster” in the next couple of centuries.

Stephen Hawkin Earth

The main challenges in front of human race are the growing population and Earth’s finite resources, which are to be exhausted by exponentially growing use of natural resources. The human already possesses amazing yet troublesome ability to change environment that poses great risk to our survival as species, Hawking warns.

“Selfish and aggressive instincts” are coded into our genetic code, according to him, which helped mankind survive in the past and, hopefully, would help us survive in outer space as well. The human race should spread its “eggs” across multiple planets to avoid disaster and extinction, he added.

On the other hand, not long ago Stephen Hawking warned that a possible encounter with aliens can turn into a disaster for human race, too. He compared such an encounter to Christopher Columbus’ American adventure when he landed on American soil but the outcome for the Native Americans was not positive, really.

Nevertheless, there is no contradiction within the framework of his theories, humankind should explore and go to outer space sooner rather than later because simple calculations show that we are rapidly going out of resources on Earth. Are we supposed to call human beings living in outer space after, say, 1,000 years “human beings,” is the next one million dollar question.

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