U.S. Thanksgiving 2011

2011 Thanksgiving in the United States is not a family holiday for many Americans, with retailers opening their doors on Thanksgiving to attract customers with promotional prices on Turkey Day evening. Another phenomenon to be witnessed across North America is a planned action by Occupy Wall Street protesters, who intend to protest malls and corporate stores. The “Occupy Black Friday” protest is designed to bring attention to protesters’ demands on a day retailers cannot ignore customers, organizers said.


Black Thanksgiving 2011Friday, the day after Thanksgiving, is also set to offer huge discounts to Americans, with some retailers lowering their prices by up to 50 percent, while a growing number of retailers start offering discount deals on Thanksgiving, attempting to extend shopping time during the holidays. Cyber Monday also starts to cast shadow on Black Friday as the day of massive purchases, with rapidly increasing number of customers purchasing electronic appliances instead of classic gifts.

A recent survey by BDO USA reveals that retailers’ chief marketing officers expect sales for the entire holiday season, which ends in January, to gain 2.9 percent on average, In 2010, the entire holiday season sales added 5.2 percent, according to data by the National Retail Federation.

Many marketing experts agree that most retailers are forced to offer greater discounts and open their stores on Thanksgiving to gain market share during hard times for the United States economy.

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